Designer Couture

What are you wearing right now? Was it expensive? Did you buy it at a store? Sorry, but that’s not good enough. No self-respecting affluent person would dare to buy their clothes off the peg, especially if you intend to be seen in public in your fine threads. No, the only acceptable way to dress is in clothes made to measure. No, not made by grandma or the friendly neighbourhood tailor, but haute couture made by the hottest names in fashion. If your wardrobe isn’t filled with the finest creations by names such as Chanel, the House of Dior, Versace, Valentino and the likes, you are definitely not really living.

The best thing about couture is that you know you will show up to a red carpet event or cocktail party in something completely unique, made just for you, and what could be better than that? Whether it’s a glamorous evening gown for a charity fundraiser or a classy cocktail dress for drinks, you need to show your individuality and fine taste by only ever appearing in a one-of-a-kind creation by a top designer.

Men are not excused here, either. You may think that your off-the-peg tailored Hugo Boss suit is good enough, but if it isn’t a bespoke suit cut and tailored specifically for your measurements, you will be just as ordinary as anyone else.

Not to be forgotten either, footwear and accessories are not something you can dare to neglect. Yes, your shoes are expensive, but are they uniquely yours? They need to be! Is your Chanel handbag bought in a store? Shameful! They need to complement your fabulous dress, darling. They shouldn’t shout to the world how basic you are for wearing store bought heels and a mass produced handbag with a stunning masterpiece of a dress.