Welcome to our first edition of 2017 – and as such we’d like to exercise our right to wish you a slightly belated ‘Happy New Year’!


Check out the latest fabulous articles from our resident experts Cleo Lacey, Jo Helcké, Hayley Sparkes and Andrew Wright, plus our gorgeous recipe this issue will get you ready to liven up Pancake Day!


With a December of excess and a January of guilt ridden abstinence, surely it’s time to find a more gratifying balance. What better place to start than with your latest Beacon magazine!


Until next time...

Hayley Sparkes

Dry skin remedies for the winter months and the best skin moisturisers on the market.

Cleo Lacey

Putting on a good pair of boots is one of the main reasons to look forward to winter...

Jo Helcké

Recovery drinks, detox teas and slimming drinks: What's the verdict?





Nellie Mimosa

Nellie Mimosa's 100% natural sensual massage candles (Made in Britain).


De Montfort Hall 2016 Pantomime Breaks Box Office Record.

Lough. High School

Loughborough High School employs an Artist in Residence for the next 12 months.

Future Appliances

Family run appliance specialists Future Appliances is celebrating 20 years in business.

Churchill Lollipopper

Two Leicester Lollipoppers win Churchill National Lollipopper Awards 2016.

Kiss Party Tan

Kiss Tanning Ltd., promise the perfect tan for any skin with their alcohol/paraben-free mousse.