Keep The Bubbly Flowing

What do rich people drink? The short answer is, anything they want. The slightly longer answer is, the same things normal people drink, just more expensive versions of it.

Sometimes more expensive is definitely better. You don’t get Dom Perignon for cheap, for instance. A recent vintage will set you back a mere $200 or less per bottle, but that’s not what you are after. What you need is a very old vintage sold on auction. Lots of rare bottles regularly sell for tens of thousands of dollars at auction. If you are the lucky highest bidder, you will be rewarded with some of the best, rarest champagne in the world. You could also do the more mundane thing, and buy recent vintage bottles to stock your cellar, and then sell some of them at auction in 20 years.

If Dom Perignon is too stuffy and old fashioned for your liking, how about something cutting edge and space age? A magnum bottle of Carbon champagne encased in carbon fibre, will set you back $3000 per bottle. They are extremely rare, so you may need to take your yacht to Monaco or Saint Tropez to buy a bottle.

You don’t have to have a taste for expensive bubbles to enjoy your pricey tipple. You can buy an even more expensive bottle of whiskey, if that’s more your style. The most bling bottle of whiskey is a 40 year old Scotch single malt from Isabella’s Islay. Not only is the whiskey old and expensive, the bottle is over the top. The decanter-shaped bottle is made from diamond and gold crystal, and is encrusted with diamonds on its surface, while the name is encrusted in rubies. The cost? A staggering $6.2 million. In comparison, the 30 year old Special Edition is a mere $740,000.