Loughborough High School is inspiring students to get creative by employing an Artist in Residence for the next 12 months.


Headmistress Gwen Byrom has created the role, which is currently held by ceramic potter Cisca Collins, having recognised that arts subjects deserve the same attention received by STEM subjects.


Working within the school, alongside students and staff, the full-time role is filled by a new artist every year, bringing a fresh perspective to the school. The programme allows students to interact and learn from a skilled, creative individual who is also a successful business person and a positive role model.


For teachers, the artist in residence provides creative support and guidance, and staff are keen to discuss ideas with Cisca in order to get inspiration and feedback, helping to find new and engaging ways to explore the curriculum.


Headmistress Gwen Byrom said:


“Creative subjects provide students with a unique set of skills that are vital for all aspects of life and personal development.


“Our aim as educators is to help shape well-rounded, confident and grounded young people, and the arts subjects play an invaluable role in this. Creative subjects help students to think outside of the box, and be proud of what they have achieved.”


Cisca Collins also works on a self-employed basis outside the school, accepting commissions and showing work in galleries and art fairs.


Cisca added:


“When young people at Loughborough High School hear about what you do and how you have got to where you are in your life, it opens up discussions about an entirely different career path that they may not have previously considered.


“I'm enthused about being a positive role model for the creative industry and an ambassador for following your dreams and believing in yourself.”