100% natural sensual massage candles (Made in Britain)


Nellie Mimosa, are styling bespoke combinations for their growing range ofluxurious candles -enjoy the aromatic fragrances of honeysuckle, jasmine, pomegranate and sweet peas.

Free from petroleum based paraffin wax, the candles contain plant wax and essential oils, are naturally organic and suitable for massage use on the skin. The warm wax can be massaged in and left to act as a nourishing body moisturiseras it is certified for use on human skin.

Nellie Mimosa’s Director, Heather Martyn enthuses “I couldn’t be more delighted with Nellie Mimosa’s candle range, due to their diverse scents, their timeless elegance and moisturising properties.  Our signature fragrance is Stargazer Lily & Hibiscus but we will be adding to the collection later this year with more signature scents. Each candle has a 60+ hour burn time, thereby ensuring continuous aromas, including bergamot, bluebell, spiced apple and lavender”.

The founders of Nellie Mimosa share a passion for British culture and their candle range, which are made in Britain, are clean burning, additive free and not tested on animals.


For more information and to purchase the candles online, please go to www.nelliemimosa.co.uk