Life in the Fast Lane

If you grew up fantasising about fast, beautiful sportscars, you absolutely need to start buying a collection of exotic hypercars. The most valuable Ferrari in recent times has been the LaFerrari, an extremely limited edition sportscar that grew out of the FXX hybrid racecar project. It uses Formula 1 technology to make the car blisteringly fast around corners. Only 499 were originally built and sold. A 500th one was recently auctioned for $7 million.

The FXXK, a racetrack exclusive cousin of the LaFerrari, is a car you can’t actually take home with you. Ferrari takes the car to their exclusive Corsa Clienti track days, where they prepare the car and let you do fast laps around the track all day, alongside LaFerrari owners, and owners of old Ferrari Formula 1 cars. While the FXXK is fast around a track, it’s not road legal. But if you want a hybrid engine hypercar as exclusive as the LaFerrari, maybe the Mclaren P1 would interest you? Mclaren’s hypercar also uses F1 technology, such as energy recovery and a movable rear wing.

Neither Ferrari’s or Mclaren’s cars can claim to be the fastest. That honour lies with Bugatti, whose Veyron Super Sport still holds the record for the fastest production car, at an incredible top speed of 431km/h. Bugatti’s latest monster, the Chiron, is believed to be capable of a top speed of 463km/h, but that claim has not been officially tested yet. One thing that still limits its ultimate performance is its tires. Like the original Veyron, the Chiron still needs to have a tire developed with which it can challenge the production car speed record. But it can already outpace the Veyron at 0-100km/h, 0-200km/h, and 0-400km/h runs.

If, however, you want to own a car with the most revolutionary technological innovations, you have to go with Koenigsegg. Their Regera is a plug-in hybrid of which only 80 will be built. It features a unique single gear Direct Drive gearbox, which will take you all the way to 400km/h in 20 seconds, without changing gears even once.