The Ultimate Home Theatre

A night at the movies. A fun trip to the mall for some, but you are not one for mingling with the common folk at their middle class hangouts, are you? No, you need your own home cinema if you want to do movie night right. And we’re not talking a few surround speakers attached to your big screen TV. No, we’re talking a real cinema, with a projector and a screen, an amazing surround sound system, and a few rows of raked, ultra comfortable seating, all installed in a soundproof room.

Firstly, you need a proper room. Soundproofing is essential to keep the neighbours and the rest of the household from complaining about the noise, but also to keep external noises out during the quietest parts of the movie.

The projector is obviously the heart of your home cinema, and here you should buy the very best. Nothing short of the top of the line 4K projector should satisfy you, and the $30,000 price tag should be seen as well worth it.

The sound is another crucial component of your home cinema. You want a system so detailed that you can hear the slightest whisper, without even a bit of hiss coming from the speakers. You also want earth shattering bass from your subwoofer, so that you can feel every explosion. Surround sound is the cherry on the top of your cinema, and a mere 5.1 or 7.1 channel system won’t cut it if you want the best experience. That stuff is old, and we want new and cutting edge. What you need is a Dolby Atmos system, with 24 surround speakers, and another 10 speakers overhead. That way you can hear every drop of rain above you, hear every mosquito buzzing around your ears, and become immersed in the movie like never before.