Your Dream Home

What does your dream home look like? Is it a massive double or triple level mansion in a rich suburb, where all the other houses are also massive mansions? Can you see or hear your neighbours? What is your view like? Do you see nothing but ocean, without another building or road in sight?

Your house may be big and impressive, but the biggest, best, most impressive home is the one that stands alone in its environment, with only its spectacular view to rival its splendour. You don’t want your neighbours close enough to see you or otherwise meddle in your affairs. You want complete privacy so that you can enjoy your ocean view without any visual or auditory distractions.

While a large mansion in the Hollywood Hills may appeal to some as the best way to show off their wealth, it says something about your insecurity if you need to prove your worth to other people. Besides, would you really want other obnoxiously large houses to spoil your vista? And you don’t even have an ocean view!

The same goes for ocean views in most large millionaire’s playgrounds around the world, like the French Riviera and Malibu.

It may be controversial, but you may need to turn to the third world if you want to buy your perfect secluded hideaway. Recently, a house in Cape Town’s Bantry Bay suburb was sold for R290 million. That was around $25 million at the time, which was a bargain for this property. The house itself is a sprawling 2800 square metre two level, ultra modern architectural marvel with unobstructed views of the mountain and the sea. As a bonus, it is surrounded on either side by 5200 square metres of unspoiled vacant land, so that the views and privacy are completely unobscured by other buildings, and safe from prying eyes.