Arriving in Style

Luxury life requires luxury transport. You need to make a clear statement that you are a high rolling big spender with some serious cash. Think helicopters and private jets. Think super cars and chauffeur-driven sedans. But that’s so everyday, like what you would use for a trip to the office, or a business meeting on another continent. You need to think bigger, more luxurious, more outrageous.

For the longest time, the ultimate status symbol of the rich and playful has been the humble luxury yacht. Just kidding! There’s nothing particularly humble about owning a luxury yacht. The bigger, the better. And they need to be blazing fast. You don’t want to waste any time getting out of port and into the seclusion of the open water, with the city’s skyline as your backdrop. Splash your cash on the biggest vessel with the most powerful engines, if you can.

If you just want to spend sunsets offshore drinking cocktails in the company of smoking hot models, a yacht of a modest size would do. You just need to have a big enough deck to fit a dozen or so people comfortably, and a bar and kitchen. Of course, a bedroom would be a big plus, so you better size up to a super yacht.

How does three decks and a swimming pool grab you? You can have a splendid 70m vessel with all the luxuries you desire for around $70 million.

Not big enough? Trade in your super yacht for a mega yacht. For under $200 million you can get a 104m vessel with four decks and two helipads. You absolutely need helicopters on your yacht. And it has enough room to take 16 guests and a crew of 36 on your luxury voyage around the world, cruising at a comfortable 16 knots.