Fine Dining

Fine Dining

There’s nothing more luxurious than to dine at the finest restaurants, and eat the world’s finest cuisine prepared from the rarest ingredients by the best Michelin-starred chefs. The only thing that may More »

Designer Couture

Designer Couture

What are you wearing right now? Was it expensive? Did you buy it at a store? Sorry, but that’s not good enough. No self-respecting affluent person would dare to buy their clothes More »

Arriving in Style

Arriving in Style

Luxury life requires luxury transport. You need to make a clear statement that you are a high rolling big spender with some serious cash. Think helicopters and private jets. Think super cars More »


About The Beacon

What are we about? We are all about fun, glitz, and glamour. We are about living life to the full. Not just any life, mind you. We are about living the high life. Living your optimal life without a care in the world. We’re about waking up at noon and having champagne with brunch. We’re about having caviar as a bedtime snack. We’re about hanging out on luxury yachts while anchoring near sun-drenched beaches. We’re about taking helicopter rides to luxury spa resorts, because who has time to sit around in traffic, if you can fly?

Have you ever dreamed of having more money than you can spend, about waking up every day knowing that you can afford to buy anything you want? You should keep reading because we will fill you with inspiration. For every few hundred or thousand people with big dreams of a luxurious life, there is one person with the balls to go out and do something bold that would change his fate. Of course, it’s also true that a lucky few are born into money, and they have never known what it’s like to dream your way out of poverty.

No matter who you are, or what your background is, if you have a passion for living the high life and celebrating the essence of luxury, this is the place for you. Keep reading for insightful and entertaining articles about the best things to spend your money on, or just spend a few minutes dreaming of luxury with us.

The Mega Fortune Dreams Game – Might make your dreams come true

Well, let’s be honest. If you are working a regular day job, the chances are that you won’t become a millionier. It would not be impossible but you would have to work all the time and save everything for a very long, long time. There is nothing wrong trying to chance your life for the better by gambling, if you do it safely. Mega Fortune drems slot have created many millioners the last years. Will you become the next one? Let’s explain the slot and why we think it can get you where you want to. With a great deal of luck of course.

Jackpots in Mega Fortune Dreams

The reason for the popularity of Mega Fortune Dreams is its jackpot game. You can’t ignore the fact that this would have been a rather futile slot machine if it wasn’t for the funniest opportunity to maybe one day hit the Mega Jackpot. Of course, you should play to have fun and not to play in the belief that you will be really wealthy already at the next spin. That’s neither healthy or realistic. But you can’t ignore the excitement you feel when you’ve unlocked the bonus game and it’s time to spin the jackpot wheel. The first thing you need to know when it comes to jackpots in Mega Fortune Dreams is that there are three different levels

  • Rapid Jackpot
  • Major Jackpot
  • Mega Jackpot

The Rapid Jackpot is the easiest jackpot to win, but it is also the least valuable one. As a rule, it is from a couple of hundred spins to a few thousand spins that accumulate in the pot. Major is the middle child of this jackpot trio, as a rule, this can range from a couple of thousand to a couple ten thousand pounds. Next, we have the big Mega Jackpot. There is really no higher ceiling for this jackpot, but as a rule, winnings tend to range from a few single million pounds up to sums in the 5 – to 10-million class.
To unlock the jackpot game, it is required that it lands 3 bonus symbols on the obstacle. These are also easy to recognize when the symbols are decorated with the word ”BONUS ” and a game wheel in four different colors. In fact, it is not so unusual to get to the bonus wheel as you might think. Once you are inside the bonus game your luck really needs to show itself. The first wheel is usually not a major problem. Here there is no jackpot at stake and out of the 36 slots the wheel can stop at, 16 take us to the next reel where there is a chance to win the smallest jackpot or to move on to major.
In total, there is three obstacles to get through to reach the center where the big Mega Jackpot is located. Wins increase for each wheel you move on to but at the same time reduces the likelihood of moving on. On the second reel there are four different slots and of these two give the minimum jackpot while four take you on to the next reel. The third reel has 12 slots, one of which gives the Major jackpot and one takes you on to the big jackpot.

But, as before mentioned: This is not a secure way of becoming rich. But you might win the mega jackpot. Who knows?